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Launch Cao-Flower
Ultra Capacitor Nano

Just imagine my excitement when I came across this amazing photograph in February’s edition of Wired.  Not only did it’s beauty capture my eye – but it caught my attention  when I read that Linyou Cao and colleagues at North Carolina State University in Raleigh made it out of germanium sulphide dust. Germanium sulphide – what? No, I’m not exactly sure what that is either. What I am sure of is that this little beauty is nano technology at its best and that Jos Caeren’s…

The Chateau d’Orion

Launch DSC07758

Building an “author’s platform” is an essential feature for every self-published writer. Daunting but fun, the self-published author, with limited if no resources, has to select with care what materials to use to build a structure capable of reaching the giddy heights of success. Of course it is tempting to go for expensive options such as advertising and marketing – but few are about to  mortgage the family home for an author’s platform that might or might not succeed. The challenge is to select options…

Farewell dear Belle

Launch Photo Erwan Bezie Summer 2010

A short ditty, read out by J (14) last Monday as we burried Belle underneath a fig tree in Mum and Dad’s garden. Belle, 03/08/2007 – 05/06/2012 – knocked down in her prime by a speeding driver. Here lies the body of Belle She was great and totally swell A true honest buddie Who’d love to get muddy Our favourite collie who fell Farewell dear Belle We shall remember you well Chewing on sticks and doing Lots of great tricks Our true dear pallie-pal, sweet…

The False Pretender © Writers’ Guild of America, Wesley Strick.

Launch DSC07087
Bart de Pauw The Loft Copyright Shakespeare

Many, many moons ago I went, with the family to Stratford-upon-Avon. It was a rainy, soggy, pretty unimpressive, day. It also, by sheer coincidence, happened to be Shakespeare’s “birthday”. Ambassador, after ambassador (French, Italian, Mongolian, Israeli, Ugandan, Russian) walked in a long solemn line towards some monument to the bald-Bard with the beard. There they laid wreaths in honour of the great playwright. Eulogies were read out by actors with huge, booming voices, the Ambassadors gave speeches in honour of Shakespeare’s brilliance, loud-speakers read out…

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